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We are Environmental,Software & Educational Consulting Firm with years of experience and with extraordinary people.

about us

We provide:

  • Customized Software Solutions to the Clients in Industry and Government
  • Softer Solutions to Manage the Environment through Research and Innovation
  • Higher Education Consulting Services to Promote Excellence
  • Mission - Provide cost-effective and knowledge-based solutions to our clients in three major areas using our extraordinary experience and professional networking:
    • Software Technologies
    • Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Management
    • Higher Education
  • Skills - Our huge network of professionals bring a variety of skills and years of experience in information technology, environmental science & engineering, and higher education.

our team

our services

We provide customized solutions through Environmental Research, Integration of software technologies and Educational consulting services to educational institutes and students

Environmental Consulting

  • Environmental Management
  • Sustainability – Evaluation of Products, Processes, and Partnerships (Businesses)
  • Energy Optimization
  • Environmental Permitting (Air, Water, and Hazardous Wastes)
  • Environmental Reporting and Compliance
  • Customized Monitoring Plans for Water Quality, Wastewater Quality, and Air Quality
  • Customized Environmental Research for Compliance and Litigation
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Air Quality Modeling

Software Consulting

  • Expert Systems for Environmental Management
  • OSHA Compliance Management Systems
  • Health Risk Management Systems (Cancer and Non-Cancer Risk Assessment and Reduction)
  • Emissions Forecast Models/Systems
  • Exposure Assessment Models/Systems
  • Energy Optimization Systems for Industries and Municipalities

Educational Consulting

  • Sourcing international students to US Institutions for Higher Education
  • Verification of student records directly and through other associates
  • Student counselling to promote success and retention
  • Student mentorship for professional growth and career development
  • Guidance on employment opportunities based on research about trends and statistics
  • Consulting to US Educational Institutions in promoting their degree programs internationally

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+1 504 390 9407